evelina dmitry

Sinking Thoughts
SINKING THOUGHTS | 2019 | installation

Laser-lit clouds of microscopic soap bubbles embracingly trace the air flow around an orifice. At a certain distance from the inhaling hole, a horizon forms, separating the flow between inbound air and the rest of the substrate. Once the bubbles traverse this vacillating boundary they become entrained filaments that spiral inward. The vortical trajectories of these luminous microlenses mirror the formation of an event horizon and ergosphere surrounding a black hole.

Sinking Thoughts was created in collaboration with the Crossing Parallels programme and physicist Fulvio Scarano at Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft. Scarano has pioneered the development of a helium-filled soap bubble system to profusely seed the air stream in large-scale wind tunnels.

This artwork was supported by Crossing Parallels and TodaysArt.

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