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Liquified Sky


LIQUIFIED SKY, Various Artists
LINE_063 | Data DVD | limited edition of 500 | November 2013 | total time: 43:34
€25 + shipping
Dedicated to Slava Tsukerman, this edition features astoundingly detailed audio/visual works by six internationally recognized artists: Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand (RU/US), COH (RU), Paul Prudence (UK), Francisco López (ES), and Asmus Tietchens (DE).

The fluidity and even the granularity of light can be unfolded by the senses through active attunement coupled with meticulously orchestrated conditions. Though formerly considered impossible to imagine, let alone perceive, recently, a variety of quantum behavior has been observed on macroscopic scales, from colloidal liquids to biological systems. Liquified Sky documents a series of artworks that pierce this slippery, mesoscopic threshold, departing from the antiquated cult of the illusory, solid-state image.



OPTOFONICA, Various Artists
LINE_041 | DVD (digipak. 52 page color book. embossed slipcase. PAL/REGION FREE | Edition of 1000 | November 2009 | total time: 2:23:18
€30 + shipping
The immersive environments presented here by 42 artists from 13 different countries incite a unique multi-sensory awareness of both physical and mental (imagined) space. Some works directly examine the slipping contours of kinetic phenomena, involving magnetism (Kanta Horio), fluid dynamics (Skoltz Kolgen), or acoustic levitation (Domnitch/Gelfand/Chartier). Others have invented an impossible phantom spatiality, stemming, for example, from brain wave interference (Ulf Langheinrich) or stereoscopically rendered interferential video signals (Bas van Koolwijk). All the pieces entail a search for hidden, transitory spaces that crosswire the perceptual spectrum. After being presented worldwide (Sonic Acts, Elektra, Sonar, Nemo…) in the form of Surround Cinema as well as in the Optofonica Capsule (a tactile audio installation), this body of work, spanning 3 years, has been painstakingly archived, preserving as much as possible the intricacies of each composition.


Camera Lucida

CAMERA LUCIDA, E Domnitch, D.Gelfand + Various Artists
LINE_030 | | DVD / PAL / REGION FREE | Edition of 1000 | April 2007
“Camera Lucida is a highly introspective immersive spatial art work creating a fleeting ephemeral materiality by intersecting ultrasound with hyperlight… in essence the creation of a sonic aurora. Domnitch and Gelfand’s piece rejects any possibility to be fixed in space and time, but rather offers up the very definition of an unstable work of art, existing entirely for and within the perceptive realm of the viewer.” – Stephen Kovats, Director of Transmediale 2008

TAYLOR DEUPREE + RICHARD CHARTIER - specification.sixteen
ALVA NOTO – sonolumi (for camera lucida)
ALEXANDER KALINE – analyzing turbulence
ASMUS TIETCHENS – camera lucida
KENNETH KIRSCHNER – august 19, 2006
MATMOS – photisms
COH – not sweet without honey
CARTER TUTTI – the noise of chance


Installations 1998-2003

INSTALLATIONS 1998 - 2003, E Domnitch, D.Gelfand
DVD / NTSC / REGION FREE | Limited Edition of 200 | June 2003 | total time: 42:00

1. Camera Lucida Introduction
2. Camera Lucida Japan
3. Lichtstuck
4. Wakening Shrouds
5. Opening Coccyx
6. Chasm

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