evelina dmitry

Memory Vapor
MEMORY VAPOR | 2011 | installation

Every second, Earth’s inhabitants are bombarded by billions of charge carriers, arriving from every possible direction in outer space. As they traverse the supersaturated vapor within a cloud chamber, these subatomic messengers, known as cosmic rays, macroscopically disclose their identity and the plenum underlying the empirical void. In Memory Vapor, a cloud chamber, combined with a particle accelerator, is illuminated by a scanning white laser sheet, transforming its -200° C gaseous contents into a dynamic prism. Ionized nuclei, muons, electrons and positrons are trailed by a thread of condensation droplets, each of which the laser turns into a luminous micro-lens. Resultantly, the spatio-temporal perception of particle tracks is vastly enhanced -- a piercing sensation of iridescent depth emerges.

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