evelina dmitry

Sonolevitation performance at Transmediale
SONOLEVITATION | 2007 | performance

A 15 kHz acoustic vibration is vertically reflected at a precise distance from its source, generating a standing wave that levitates leaves of gold. The air between the intonator and the reflector is evenly divided into alternating areas of dynamic acoustic pressure and vacuous anti-nodal pockets. Within these pressureless voids, fluids and solids can be suspended and spun by the surrounding sound fields. An evocation of the weightless, frictionless environment commonly found in outer space is coupled with an extended opto-aural awareness of space-time itself: the floating objects modulate the frequency and amplitude of the standing wave that levitates them, consequently influencing one another's motion -- each part is an inseparable, co-emergent reflection of the whole.

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