evelina dmitry

Ion Hole
ION HOLE | 2016 | installation

Based on a ring-shaped Paul trap, Ion Hole probes the subtle interactions between coherent light, electrodynamically trapped matter, and nearly negligible gravitational forces. Inside the trap are ionised lycopodium spores that repel one another while being simultaneously pushed towards the center of the trap by alternating electric fields. Consequently, the spores self-assemble into an oscillating latticework known as a Coulomb crystal. The inward and outward “breathing” motion of the lattice occurs in phase with the radio wave frequency of the confining electric fields. By illuminating the spores with a synchronously pulsating laser beam, their rapid oscillations can be viewed in slow motion or even made to seem “frozen” in time. The laser illumination also creates a large-scale projection magnifying the spores' ceaseless orbital dynamics.

This artwork was commissioned by FEAT and supported by Mondriaan Foundation, Creative Industries Fund and Le Lieu Unique.

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