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evelina dmitry

X: Eclipse
X | 2004 | radiographic prints

The outsides of systems are convex, and their insides are concave. While convexity diffuses radiation inpinging upon it, concavity concentrates radiation impinging upon it. As such, convexity and concavity are not the same and their divergence is epitomized by the human sensorium, which only detects the convexity or outer space of its surroundings. Gaining a volumetric and morphological awareness of inner space, however, cannot be accomplished by simply flipping the opaque yet supple skin enclosing the microcosmos - the only means is to "turn the light around to illumine inwardly." (Chang Po-tuan)

X-rays are a form of high-frequency light which has the characteristic of penetrating any and all matter to varying degrees, depending on the atomic weight and molecular weight of the irradiated specimen. It is possible to tune the X-ray spectrum to such short wave lengths that the rays can pass between atoms and molecules and even between the nucleus of an atom and its orbital electrons. The viscous threshold separating the outer reaches from the inner ones is thereby discreetly removed, revealing an inside-outness teeming with anti-penumbras, internal shadows, and oscillating auras.


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